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Yoga Max 33 – 4 Fun Challenging Power Yoga Classes. Our Hardest Yoga Program Yet. Get Ready To Push It To The Max in Just 33 Minutes Or Less! 

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Yoga Max 33 is an intense, power yoga program featuring 4 power yoga workouts, including 3 unique 33-minute power yoga workouts, and 1 bonus 15-minute core-focused workout. This program is the most challenging workout series from Body By Yoga, and it’s specifically designed to give you an extremely effective, fun, and challenging workout in just over 30 minutes.

These workouts are unique, incorporating creative transitions, non-traditional movements, and other exercises that you won’t typically encounter at in-person yoga studio classes.

Each workout has its own theme, to help you MOVE better, BUILD bigger, and PUSH harder. It’s a program that allows you to grow with it, so that as you get stronger you can continue to benefit from it – even months after starting!

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