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This Is The Worst Rush Week Video I’ve Seen This Year

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These people should not be allowed to say words in unison.Tim Stepien/The Palm Beach Post/Zuma

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Perhaps you’ve heard of Laura Loomer, the 29-year-old Republican hoping to unseat incumbent Rep. Daniel Webster in today’s congressional primary in Florida. Loomer, who is Jewish, openly hates Muslims and has said that she would “fight for Christian nationalism.”

In 2019, she achieved the impressive feat of getting banned from CPAC for harassing reporters. Over the years, she has been banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PayPal, GoFundMe, and Venmo.

And these boomers love her:

Far-right activist Laura Loomer has focused heavily on the massive Villages retirement community for her House campaign.

Now her supporters there have an unnerving “Boomers for Loomer” chant. pic.twitter.com/wwrNN9gF4J

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) August 22, 2022

The half-hearted chanting, the matching T-shirts, and the generally unsettling nature of this video reminded me of rush week videos, in which members of college Greek life groups try to enlist new members. These boomers for Loomer particularly brought to mind this infamously creepy sorority recruitment video:

The moral of the story is clear: White people should never chant.

(If you’re on a picket line, you get a pass.)


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