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Selma Blair Talks Getting Drunk at 7, MS Diagnosis in New Memoir

Selma Blair I First Got Drunk at the Age of 7 … Details Childhood Alcoholism in New Memoir

5/11/2022 7:29 AM PT

Selma Blair has struggled her whole life, with pain, alcoholism and now fighting through a battle with MS … all topics covered in her new memoir.

Blair sat down with Savannah Guthrie Wednesday for an extremely candid interview with “Today.” The actor’s memoir, ‘Mean Baby’ talks about her entire life, Blair told Guthrie, “My first [time] drunk [was] when I was 7. I had my first drinks much younger.”

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Blair says even though she was young, she felt alcohol was a comfort … and wonders if the physical pains she would feel throughout her life were early signs of MS.

According to “Today,” Blair writes in her memoir, “Doctors thought I had leukemia. I didn’t, but it was a constant high fever. … The ailments as a kid connected. I do know for sure I had it by the age of 23. It was definitely there for so long.”

The good news … Blair tells Savannah she hasn’t had a drink since a scary incident in 2016 when she lost consciousness on a plane with her 4-year-old son. She’s also undergone chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant in an effort to help manage her MS.

TMZ broke the story … Selma recently got a restraining order against her longtime boyfriend, Ron Carlson, shortly after he was arrested for domestic violence. Ron too was granted a restraining order against Selma after he requested one week after the same incident.


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