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Russian Soldiers Execute Civilian with His Hands Up

Russian Invasion Russian Soldiers Execute Ukrainian Civilian … While Man Had Hands in Air

3/16/2022 7:49 AM PT

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Here’s a new low for Vladimir Putin‘s monstrous minions — drone footage shows Russian soldiers opening fire on an unarmed civilian as he was attempting to surrender.

The video, obtained by a German TV station, shows the Ukrainian man driving down a road when he spots Russian soldiers in a tank. The man pulled over and put his hands in the air but it didn’t stop the Russians from executing him.

According to the German station ZDF … this terrifying scene went down March 7 on a highway west of Kyiv. What’s particularly chilling about the video is the fact the man seemed to be giving himself up. His hands were already up when he stepped out of his car.

The invaders couldn’t care less, and mercilessly decided to shoot to kill.

The Russians showed zero remorse and tossed the man’s lifeless body into a ditch on the roadside. A woman and child reportedly witnessed the entire scene, but it’s not clear from the video where they were during the shooting.

Russia has continuously denied targeting harmless civilians — which is considered a war crime — but, videos like this show just how gruesome and reckless Russian forces have become.


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