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‘Princess Diaries’ Character Lilly Labeled Worst Fictional Friend Online

‘Princess Diaries’ Mia’s BFF Lilly … Labeled ‘Worst Fictional Friend’

8/27/2022 1:26 PM PT

It’s time for What’s-Twitter-Bitching-About-Now — and today, Heather Matarazzo‘s character from an old Disney movie is being placed under the microscope … maybe for good reason.

If you’re seeing ‘Princess Diaries’ trending this weekend … this is why. Somebody posed a question, writing … “Who is the worst fictional friend you can think of?” The tweet took off, and it seems the consensus is … Lilly Moscovitz from the 2001 Anne Hathaway flick.

“you know at one point

i thought my RIGHT EAR, was

not working correctly because

the SH!T… i heard come out

of lilly moscovitz’s mouth.”pic.twitter.com/Fzq4HD8GW8

— 🌬CARIANNA🫧 (@cari_mclellan) August 27, 2022 @cari_mclellan

Apparently, users on the bird app remember this performance well … and they brought the receipts to back up their argument that Lilly kinda sucks. They might even have a point!

Folks posted compilations of scenes from ‘TPD,’ showing off a lot of moments between Mia and Lilly — including a notable one from toward the beginning … where Matarazzo (in character) is telling AH she can’t believe she’s not over her dad’s death from 2 months ago.

Lily from The Princess Diaries hands DOWN https://t.co/uvSgemXtNhpic.twitter.com/OZT16FQ2cl

— ⁿBri ~ 11 days til Jade reunion💖💜💙 (@bribricutie3_) August 26, 2022 @bribricutie3_

There are other scenes that are getting mentioned as well … including a good amount where Lilly is straight up hating on Mia’s ascendance as a princess — calling her a sell-out and making her feel guilty for changing into something she no longer recognizes … while also trying to use her at various points for her own personal gain.

Indeed, in this hyper-focused context … Lilly/Matarazzo certainly comes off as sorta s****y.

Still, it’s a little absurd how this convo is unfolding in the feed … some on Twitter seem to be genuinely upset that Lilly was such a bad friend and has since been labeled as “toxic” … perhaps not holding up to societal standards of a supportive BFF, especially in 2022.

Of course, Lilly isn’t real … and this movie was made more than 20 years ago. More importantly, Mia stands up for herself — and Lilly apologizes in the end, completing her arc.

If we’re being honest, the fact Lilly’s being discussed at all today speaks to how good of a job Matarazzo did all those years ago … and how we really can’t have good things anymore.

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