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Passenger Who Landed Plane Says His Pregnant Wife, God Were His Inspiration

Passenger Who Landed Plane My Pregnant Wife, God Were My Inspiration

5/16/2022 8:04 AM PT

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The passenger who landed a plane after the pilot lost consciousness says he was “calm and collected” … in no small part because he was about to become a father.

Darren Harrison spoke to Savannah Guthrie on “Today” … and explained with all the buttons and gadgets on the control panel, it all came down to common sense.

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The emergency was even more harrowing than first reported. The 39-year-old said after the pilot became incapacitated, the Cessna began to nose-dive at a high rate of speed.

Harrison was cool as a cucumber, saying, “I knew if I didn’t react, then we would die.”

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As he put it … “I was pretty calm and collected the whole time because I knew it was a life or death situation. Either you do what you have to do to control the situation or you’re gonna die.”

Harrison, who works at a flooring company, said his wife, Britney, who was 7-months pregnant with their unborn daughter, was his inspiration. He also said there was an element of divine intervention, telling Guthrie “the hand of God was on that plane.”

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As he said, “I was climbing to the front and that plane was in a dive. I was just looking going, ‘I can’t die today. Britney’s pregnant, I’ve got a baby on the way — not today. Today’s not my day.”

As we reported, Harrison contacted the tower operator who help guide him down to the runway, where he made a perfect landing … just incredible.

BTW … he did the whole thing barefoot!!!


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