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Mark Curry Says Stop Complaining About High Gas Prices, Just Get Over It

Mark Curry Stop Complaining About High Gas Prices!!! Travel Less, Ride A Bike

6/14/2022 12:00 PM PT

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Mark Curry is fed up with folks complaining about high gas prices … insisting that drivers should just fill up their tanks and get over it.

We caught up with the “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” actor at LAX on Monday, and he gave us a piece of his mind about soaring gas prices and how they should be handled.

Mark tells us, Americans shouldn’t look at the price of gas because it makes no difference. He says we’ve been dealing with high gas prices for years, so there’s no point in worrying about it now.

As far as the folks who simply can’t afford it, MC insists he feels their pain, but we have to pay anyway. Clearly, he doesn’t have much sympathy, instead, he says folks should go to less places, drive slower, ride a bike or (jokingly) even steal a car if it’s “that bad” 🤔.

Of course, his hot take comes a little over a year after he shared his candid thoughts on high gas prices when he was interviewed for a local news station. It was actually pretty funny … at first, the reporter didn’t seem to recognize him.

Well now, it doesn’t seem much has changed — despite the fact that gas prices got even higher. The self-proclaimed gas price expert says the bottom line is … we’re Americans and we will survive cause we’ve done it before.


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