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Make Money Online By Converting Amazon Books Into Courses

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Incredible “Get Rich Silently Secret From A Former Locksmith Turned Online Entrepreneur!

Hi – It’s Alex!

Chances are, you already know me by now, or someone has recommended me.

Either way – when you finish reading this, you’ll be glad you finally met me!

And I’m guessing you’re reading this letter now because you’ve been looking for a NEW and UNTAPPED way to make money online…

If so, I want you to PAY ATTENTION and treat this letter DIFFERENTLY to all the rest..

Here’s why:

“This Might Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Read This Year!”

First, let me share WHY I’m so PASSIONATE about helping you..

If you’re anything like me, you LIVE FOR freedom, adventure and excitement.. 

  • You HATE the thought of working for someone else..

  • You CAN’T STAND not being in control of your own time..

  • You’re ALLERGIC to jobsworths and brown noses in the workplace..

  • You DON’T WANT to wear a work uniform or cheap suit..

  • You REFUSE to spend time with people you don’t like..

  • YOU ARE NOT going to sell your precious time on this earth for $15 per hour..

  • YOU CANNOT wait years and years for a pay raise that won’t make a difference to your life..

They can call us “LAZY” if they want –  But we’re only on this earth ONCE so we should spend our time EXACTLY how we want..

“Because, not only can you support yourself with the Book To Course System – You can make an absolute KILLING!”

So in summer 2018 my mission BEGAN..

I was working in the UK as a locksmith.

I was practically CHAINED TO MY WORK VAN doing 24 hour emergency call outs with no social life.

Looking back now, things weren’t so bad as I’d just met the love of my life…

She’s was from Spain and wanted to go back to her own country..

It’s easy to see why.. the Mediterranean sea, sun all year round, amazing food and a relaxed way of life!

So we decided to move to Spain together and start a new life.

This was the ultimate dream for me – Chase the sun and get paid on Autopilot!

(Deep down, I knew it was going to be a struggle) 

So at around that time, I became OBSESSED with the idea of making PASSIVE INCOME online.. I knew it would solve all my problems..

  • You can take full control over your destiny

  • You can become a recognized EXPERT in your field

  • You can live ANYWHERE in the word and still get paid..

  • There’s no language barrier

  • The earning potential is NOT capped by salary…

I had 

ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE of internet marketing, but I was ready to give it my best shot..

So I started to IMMERSE myself in knowledge.

I picked up a couple of self-help books that got me thirsty for that passive income…

“My friends even LAUGHED at me for reading these books – but they’re NOT LAUGHING ANYMORE!”

Because these books gave me the inspiration to write my first eBook with the idea of creating passive income..

OK, Admittedly – That book was a complete flop, earning me a whopping $12 in the first month…

Maybe enough for a few cervezas on the beach..

“Because This Next Move Changed EVERYTHING…”

I added a SECRET WEBINAR SCRIPT to my new course and quickly SMASHED through $100,000 from selling that same mini course!


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