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Logan Paul Announced As The Miz’s Tag Team Partner For WrestleMania

The Miz Logan Paul Is My Tag Team Partner!!! … For WrestleMania Match

2/21/2022 7:11 PM PT

WWE Superstar The Miz just announced on Monday Night Raw who his tag team partner for WrestleMania will be … and it’s none other than YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul!!

Miz was hosting his popular “Miz TV” show in front of a sold-out crowd in Columbia, South Carolina just minutes ago … when WWE legend Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik, interrupted him out of nowhere.

Of course, Miz didn’t appreciate the Mysterios crashing his show … and ultimately issued a challenge to fight them in a match on the grandest stage of them all — WrestleMania.

Check out the clip — Miz proposes the tag team match and introduces Logan Paul as his surprise partner.

“Wrestlemania just got more stupendous,” one of the commentators said.

Much of the WWE universe was in shock to see LP … who’s made a name for himself in a different kinda combat.

But the Miz was overjoyed to have Paul by his side … and the newly formed duo didn’t wait until Mania to get things started with the Mysterios.

Logan Paul and The Miz toying the midget Rey Mysterio and his son around 🤣🤣🤣 @LoganPaul #WWERaw #loganpaul pic.twitter.com/iyLPrREXQq

— Lord Ron (@Ron5817) February 22, 2022 @Ron5817

Miz and Paul ambushed Rey and Dominik … hitting both of them with Miz’s patent “skull-crushing finale” finisher.

Unclear how Logan will fare in the WWE world … but with the most must-see former WWE champ showing him the ropes, we got a feeling it’ll be AWESOMEEEEEEE!!


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