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Kanye West Still Pissed He Was Bullied for Trump Support, ‘Drove Me Crazy’

Kanye West I Was Bullied Over Trump Support … It ‘Drove Me Crazy!!!’

10/7/2022 5:25 PM PT

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Fox News

Kanye West says Hollywood bullied him so much for supporting Donald Trump, he wasn’t able to talk about it anymore … which left him wondering what’s the point of being famous.

Ye made the claim in the second part of his interview with FNC’s Tucker Carlson, saying it “drove me crazy not to be able to say I liked Trump.” He was especially shocked that people would go after him, because — as he puts it — he’s Kanye!

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Fox News

Ye dove deeper … questioning why he had worked so hard to get famous — with millions of adoring fans and a massive platform — if Hollywood didn’t want him to use his own voice and connect it to his own opinions.

Ye’s complaints build on what he told Tucker in portions of the interview that aired Thursday … when he said he respects Russell Brand and Candace Owens for going against the grain and speaking their minds, no matter the consequences.

He also gets into his relationship with another former Prez … Barack Obama. Ye says their connection faded “soon as I wasn’t supposed to be saying the things I wasn’t supposed to say as a rapper” — but adds, he would talk to Obama if they ran into each other.

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Fox News

As we reported … Kanye also told Tucker he faced death threats over wearing the red MAGA hat during his infamous 2018 trip to the White House.


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