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Drake Picks Up Tab For Detroit Ladies After Drinking Shots

DRAKE LADIES, IT’S ON ME!!! Takes Shots With DET Locals

6/3/2022 11:51 AM PT

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Drake is smoother than whiskey … generously picking up the tab for two women from Detroit after swigging down a couple of shots with them!

In case you missed it, the 6 God went viral after schmoozing it up with a couple of ladies in the Motor City. We spoke with Brittney Keara, the woman who filmed the interaction, and she said Drake was as courteous as ever.

Brittney tells us Thursday she was enjoying happy hour with a friend at a local seafood restaurant when Drizzy strolled in with a couple of bodyguards.

We got new video of the interaction where Drake initially turns down Brittney’s drink offer, saying he was heading to the airport for a flight … but she says he ended up coming back to the bar and taking up the offer.

Brittney orders a shot of Jack, but tells us when the camera was off Drake upgraded her to a shot of Johnny Walker. Classy move. He also covered the tab.

We’re told Drake explained he was in the city for business and chatted Brittney and her friend up with some friendly small talk. For what it’s worth, Brittney made it clear she had a husband!!!


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