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Chicago shooting: Suspect charged with murder over 4 July attack

FBI agents searching the sceneImage source, Getty Images

A man accused of opening fire on an Independence Day parade near Chicago has been charged with seven counts of murder, officials say.

Lake County State Attorney Eric Rinehart said Robert Crimo, 21, would be punished “for the killing spree he has unleashed against our community”.

The attack in Highland Park left seven dead and dozens injured.

Mr Rinehart added that dozens more charges would be filed before the investigation was over.

“These are just the first of many charges that will be filed against Mr Cremo,” he said to cheers from the crowd gathered for the news conference on Tuesday. “I want to emphasise that. There will be more charges.”

The suspect is accused of firing 70 bullets from a high-powered rifle down onto the crowd before disguising himself as a woman to escape alongside fleeing victims.

After an eight-hour manhunt on Monday, police arrested Mr Crimo and he was discovered with a second rifle similar to the one used in the attack.

Three other firearms were also found in Mr Crimo’s home, police said.

The suspect had two prior contacts with law enforcement before he purchased five guns in the past year, police said.

In April 2019, police were called to his home one week after he reportedly attempted suicide. And in September 2019, police were called by a family member who said he was making violent threats to “kill everyone”.

Police responded and removed 16 knives, a dagger and a sword from his home. He was not arrested and no further action was taken.

Officials on Tuesday called for an education campaign to raise awareness of the state’s red flag laws, which allow a judge to order that a person deemed dangerous have their weapons seized and be barred from buying more guns.

Mr Crimo is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.


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