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Cardi B Shows Off New Mother’s Day Watch, Gives Mom Advice to Rihanna

Cardi B Time for Mother’s Day … Here’s Some Mom Advice for RiRi

5/9/2022 7:13 AM PT

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Cardi B was the perfect person to ask about mommy duty on Mother’s Day — especially since Rihanna is about to become one herself — and her sage advice is … (cue video).

The rapper was leaving Carbone Sunday night in NYC next to her hubby, Offset, and at least one of their kids (looks like Kulture) … and Cardi chopped it up with our photog before getting into her waiting SUV about a lot of stuff, including words of wisdom for mom-to-be RiRi.

Check it out … she says motherhood is something that comes pretty naturally, and she thinks the same will happen for Rihanna when the baby comes — which should be any day now.

We also asked about Roe v. Wade, but she wasn’t as chatty about that. What she did clarify, however, was her stance on fame … and seemingly being done with it, which she alluded to about a week or so ago in sorta dramatic fashion.

Luckily, CB sets the record straight with us about what she meant … and it sounds like she was mostly referring to her online presence more than anything. So, no — Cardi’s not scrapping music altogether. Good to hear!

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BTW, we’re told the watch she flashes at the beginning of this — which was a gift from Offset — is an Audemars Piguet … and it cost him upwards of $300k. Happy wife, indeed.


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